Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bead project possibilities

Hello, everyone.

I was crawling around in my computer today--had downloaded a bunch of beading project directions files from Bead and Button magazine's online site--and discovered that I had, after all, saved the bead chart for the adorable cute waymarker at Leon:

Isn't he just the cutest little pilgrim ever? Well, except for any actual child pilgrims, who are by definition cuter than cartoons by far! But after I finish the Cross of Santiago, I think I'll try that one.

The Cross of Santiago, by the way, is almost finished. I did take some progress pictures, and I'll put them all up together. So you can see that every bead project seems to involve at least some "un-beading."

Kind of like sewing, in a way.

And one other picture, just because:
Filling water bottle at the Fountain of Roland, on the Route Napoleon, on the very first day of walking.
This was on the downhill side of the first day, after the border crossing into Spain.