Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Possible new bead project

Hello, everyone.

Since completing the scallop-shell purse ornament, I have been casting about for a new project to begin. The photo of the statue of St. James (Major) from one of the churches early-on during the pilgrimage appealed, but the colors just didn't work out. Not enough contrast inside the actual image, I think.
As you can see, the statue itself is a study in browns, with a little gold to accent it. It doesn't translate well to beads.
And I considered the photo of the waymarker at Leon that was so cute:
Absolutely adorable! But the thin lines just don't go well with beads.
So today I was reading the museum catalog for the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, one of the art museums we went through in Madrid, which has pictures of the art in the collection and comments about the artists and what is in the pictures. I found Bramantino's Risen Christ, which seems graphic enough to work out okay in beads. Assuming that the scan can be enlarged enough to get the job done, anyway.

There are large masses of color, and lots of contrast, and I think it will translate okay to beads. I hope. This is a really neat picture.
All I need to do now is to enlarge it enough so that the finest lines I want to keep are at least 1/10 of an inch across (about 1 bead's width) and then transfer it to the appropriate graph paper. Wish me luck!