Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just little things

Hello, everyone.

I'm afraid I don't have a lot to talk about today. We took all three dogs to the vet (at the same time!) The dogs survived the experience. They rode very sedately in the back seat on the way home, without sticking their noses out the window or jumping around. (Wow!)

I've been looking around for another peyote idea to bead, but nothing really strikes me just now.

I did do some more work on the Red Quilt. (So named from its dominant color.) The Red Quilt is a baby sized quilt, with 4 squared across and 5 down. I'm adding sashing in a navy solid, with little white-print cornerstones. The last picture I have of the Red Quilt was during the auditioning phase:
One of the auditions of squares for the Red Quilt
I think some of the squares may have moved around a bit since then. I did add navy blue sashing--which is being attached to the squares now--and I'll also put navy blue for a border next to the squares. Probably that will be it, except for the binding. Usually in this size of quilt I use satin blanket binding. (When I was a baby I liked satin a lot. Still do, in fact!)

But that's really all I have to talk about today. Maybe tomorrow I'll show y'all pictures of Beer Making Season.