Sunday, October 26, 2014

I found Pinterest

Hello, everyone.

I found Pinterest. (I know, everyone else has already found it already. But it's new to me.) I started by searching on "beads" and was boggled by all the many, many bead things and patterns. Not much in the way of scallop shells, sadly, but many beautiful things.

Loads of scanned pages from pattern books, too--what's with that? Are they ancient books that are out of print and unavailable? I don't know.

I made a board for interesting projects to maybe try out. And then I discovered that it's not only crafty things that can be made into a board. So, of course! I made a board about Pilgrimage. I used the "show a map" thingie and began locating places on the map that I remembered from our Camino walk. Some of them--astonishingly small ones sometimes--have pictures already uploaded by other people. So I pinned those. Some of the places had no pictures uploaded at all. (I'm not sure I have any to add to the collection on some of them either. Believe it or nor, I didn't make a picture of every single thing we saw or place we stayed.) Ponferrada had several pictures uploaded, but none of the Templar castle or of the albergue. I uploaded my pic of the totem pole sculpture in the garden at the albergue there.

This is the neat sculpture in the garden. In the background you can see the mountains--still snow capped in some places--beneath the beautiful blue sky.
I might have posted this picture before, I don't remember.
They had a couple of pictures of Perejes--which was 1 paved street with maybe 12 houses all told!

An update on beading projects--I have tried a couple of times to make a usable pattern of the neat painting of the Risen Christ but, so far, no luck. I do have some more small things to work on, though, while trying to get a grid overlaid onto the painting image for a big project. There are still the yellow arrow, and the Cross of Santiago, and the blue and yellow scallop from the zero kilometer stone at Fisterra. They'll probably keep me busy for a while! The last one works out to a 2.4 inch wide square and might be something to make into a belt.
Perhaps a still life of olives and wine for a beaded picture? This was in Madrid.