Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eggs, eggs...Christmas!

Hello, everyone.

The picture of one of the decorated eggs reminded me--I think I have pictures of more eggs.

You see, I used to have pet ducks. And more chickens. Plus I had elementary aged kids in the house. So once in a while we'd have Christmas in July--decoration making.

The kids would paint eggshells, I'd paint eggshells. And I also used a Dremel--my sweetie's Dremel at first!--to cut an opening in the eggshell to use it for a scenic egg. My grandmother's friend used to make those, and hers were beautiful. Mrs. Beckley, I think her name was. She sent me an eggshell once, when I was young. I still have it. It's a scenic egg with an angel inside it. Pearls around the opening, too.

Here are a couple of eggshell pictures.

At the lower right, three eggshells with scenic decorations attached to make an ornament, with a tassel. There is bead netting around the edges of the shells.

Mom gave me some ostrich eggshells. One had a crack--the cut gave me this partial shell for a scene. I put a Nativity in it, perched on top of brown satin. This one is heavy, I have to find a fat branch to hang it from!
I thought I had pictures of the eggshell ornaments with paintings of blossoms and suchlike, but apparently I didn't get that. Yet.

Christmas is coming. (Bwah ha ha ha!) I'll try and remember to take pictures of the eggshells then. Who knows, maybe I'll have time to blow out some guinea eggs and decorate them!