Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Santiago exploration

Hello, everyone.

We took a few days to rest in Santiago.

We got our Compostela certificates right away, of course. And we strolled through the downtown area and looked around.

We saw buskers (musicians playing with a basket--these ones did NOT want their pictures taken) and we saw a few costumed characters. Not many of either. We saw the tourist tram.
View of the Cathedral plaza with tram. Note that some in picture have just gotten into town on their feet, and are still wearing backpacks and shells.
We gazed at the many religious statues and carvings.
Santiago Matamoros

The Adoration chapel

Our Lady
We had begun having sandwiches instead of restaurant dinners--less fuss and bother, fit better with our eating and sleeping schedule. And we found a little grocery store and bought cheese and Serrano ham and bread and wine.
Tomorrow's post will be about our visit to Fisterra.