Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ideas for projects, maybe

Hello, everyone.

The last couple of days have been pretty calm around here. We had rain--and in Texas that's a welcome thing--and my birdies have been getting a walk in the yard most evenings. They're laying--green eggs for the hens and brown for Mrs. Guinea--and so most days we have home-made eggs for breakfast.

I have been wondering about what to make the centerpiece of our wall display, now that the Compostela certificates are framed and hung in the living room.

There was some thinking of maybe putting a poster of the Camino route, but there aren't a lot of those floating around in our neck of the woods.

Then I wondered about possibly putting one of our pictures from the route in the middle of the grouping.

Another pilgrim took a picture of us both, standing with a really cool carved waymarker on the outskirts of Santiago.
My sweetie's photo of the Cathedral doors.

The Cathedral, which is undergoing restoration just now. (The Portico de la Gloria is all blocked off by the scaffolding.)
My sweetie's photo of the Botafumeiro swinging on Corpus Christi Sunday.
There are other photos, as well, perhaps less exact to Santiago de Compostela--the zero kilometer marker in Fisterra and suchlike. I'm not sure which I like. 

On another note, I learned at our Altar Society meeting that the cauliflower salad was a hit. I will write down how I do it, in case anyone wants to try it out and maybe ring changes on the idea.

The idea started with reading low-carb fake-potato recipes. One of which was a "Mock Potato Salad" made with cooked cauliflower. Now I must say that while the creamy cauliflower puree that passes for mashed potatoes isn't bad, I don't think anybody will think that the chunks of cooked cauliflower in a salad are pototoes. People are smarter than that. So I don't call if Mock Potato Salad. I just call it:

Cauliflower Salad. I cut the washed cauliflower up in to little bite size pieces and cook it in the microwave. Then I transfer all the tender little white things into a mixing bowl and add some onion (red or mild white, either grated or chopped up) and some celery bits and some bell pepper. Maybe some dill pickle chopped up into little green things, too. And then I put a dressing that is pretty much like the one my sister-in-law uses for potato salad: 3 parts mayonnaise and 1 part mustard. This whole ensemble is stirred gently around until mixed and then covered with plastic wrap while it waits in the fridge for serving time.