Saturday, September 6, 2014

And on to Madrid

Hello, everyone.

We enjoyed our night in Salamanca very much. It would be neat to go there again someday. Final Salamanca pictures:
This was the music stand in the choir of the church. All the choir members gathered around it. The wood in the background is the carved seating for the choir. All of this is at the back of the church. The big cathedrals all had these, some in the middle and some at the very back.

This is one of the old music books. They all had to share the one, so it was really, really big.

We got on the express bus to Madrid for our final stop in Spain--this time for several days. There are huge tunnels going into Madrid. I didn't realize there were that many steep hills surrounding the city area. After the tunnels, we rode for a while longer before we got to the bus station. Then we started walking toward the center of the city. It didn't take as long as we expected, even though we were on midday sidewalks the whole way. We wore our hats to keep the sun off.

We thought this building looked neat.

Oh boy! Hams.
We stayed in Madrid the remaining days until our departure from Spain. I will break the pictures up between multiple posts, as we saw several museums and other neat things. We stayed at a pension in the old city area--but very close to the Plaza del Sol. There is a subway (metro) station there that is rounded and made of glass pieces and looked to me like nothing so much as a giant queen ant. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have been carrying a camera when we were near it!
I will do more Madrid pictures in my next post. After that, I might take a break to talk about food before concluding the Madrid series.