Friday, September 19, 2014

A short one for today

Hello, everyone.

A little while back, I mentioned that I've been trying to make different crafty things in the shape of scallop shells. The scallop shell is about the oldest of the Camino symbols; the early pilgrims would get the shells when they got to Santiago and maybe went on to Muxia or Finisterre (Fisterra) and then head on back home with their hard-won proof of completion proudly displayed.

These days the pilgrims acquire their scallop shell when they start out, or on the way, and display it while on the pilgrimage. Of course, these days even if you walk to Santiago, you can take a plane to go home again!

Santiago Peregrino not only has a scallop on his hat, he is also shown with scallops on the wall beside him.

Santiago Matamoros has his scallop on his hat here. The Moor underfoot is obscured by the flowers. (Statue in the Cathedral of Santiago)
I was inspired to try to make a peyote stitch beaded scallop shell. It's still in progress--had to undo about half of what had been done and redo--but here are a couple of pictures of the project. (It's about 2 inches wide, those are the #11 Delica beads.)
Earliest photo of the beading. The sketches for a few Camino-themed projects are on the peyote-stitch graph paper next to the dish. (Graph paper from Fire Mountain Gems.)

Today's progress. This is what I do if I sit down in the room with the TV and don't have a book in hand.