Saturday, August 9, 2014

Carreon de los Condes

Hello, everyone.

We left the Heavy Metal Village (also called Hippie Hollow around our house) earlyin the morning. We walked to Carreon de los Condes and found ourselves a pair of top bunks at the Augustinas' convent. These ladies were into the whole togetherness thing. They had a meeting with self-introductions and singing before dinner, then dinner was a potluck affair (they had made a soup with some meat and potatoes--I know why they were all skinny!) and then after dinner we went to Mass at the nearby church. We had gotten in about 2:30 in the afternoon, so I had some time to figure out how to get up to the top bunk by myself. Ladders really aren't my favorite thing, but I got myself straightened out and coped with it. A few days later I was glad that I had done so, as I got another top bunk.
Another beautiful retablo. The ladies really went all-out on the flowers!

I think this was a dovecote. The little things at the top were all small-bird-sized openings.

My sweetie with Santiago
We had enjoyed another day of warm weather. I do want to mention, in case I haven't already, that when you turn on the sink faucets in Spain--like when you help out with the dishes in the nuns' kitchen--the hot water is really, really hot. They don't seem to have the regulation about maximum water temperature settings there that I was used to in the States.
What was our contribution to the potluck? While I tended to our laundry, my sweetie strolled the groceries and came back with canned sardines and cream cheese and a loaf of baguette: snickeldrip! Yum.