Monday, August 11, 2014

A Long Morning

Hello, everyone.

We left Carreon de los Condes at 6:45 am, trusting to luck that a bar with cafe leche and bocadillos would turn up in an hour or two. No such luck. Our first shot at food--real food, that is--was 18 km down the trail in Cazadilla de las Cuevas. Before that, feeling the empty, we shared a couple of my sweetie's Oreos and an apple that he cut up as we walked. The land was mostly flat--a symphony of greens and golds--and I got some pictures as we went along.

Wheat all around--very peaceful

That tiny red spot in the distance is my sweetie!

First swallow nests I saw in Spain!
We stopped for the night at Terradillos de los Templarios. The albergue is named after Jacques DeMolay, the last head of the Templars. The albergue had a lovely garden patio, with roses, and also a well where I slapped laundry on, not a rock exactly, but a plastic laundry tub. With cold water.
Doing the laundry old-school. I'm in the orange shirt.

 But the weather was good, and the clothes dried on the line. Our Bufferin was starting to run low by now. (We'd been taking 2 at bedtime to bring down foot swelling so the muscles could flush out toxins during the sleep hours.) The bunks were made of wood (solidly made) instead of iron. The hospitaleros had a cena (supper) and I ate rabbit for the first time. It was good.

We had planned to walk the next day to Sahagun, but things worked out differently in the end. (Don't they always?) But that is stuff for another post. This one is long enough.