Sunday, July 6, 2014

First reflections

I'm still organizing the photos, so I'll just put up a little bit today.
First, there are some things we take for granted in the US that are completely unheard-of in Spain. Like Bufferin. And Pepto-Bismol. And stick anti-perspirant.
Second, I already miss the Spanish wines.

As a first taste of the pictures to come, I will put up this one, taken while walking through the Dublin airport. (We flew to Dublin on United. Then we claimed our packs and switched over to Rynair to fly to Biarritz, France.)
This lovely garden was below the window of the crossing hallway.

The shops in Dublin airport have never heard of Pepto-Bismol either, on a day when my stash of the little pink chewables was already securely checked-luggage inside my pack. :-(
Our flight on Ryanair was uneventful; the airport at Biarritz is intimate and easy to navigate, even for people who have no French.
We had been going to stay a day in Bayonne (2 miles away) and start walking after that rest day, but in the first of many serendipity moments, we encountered another pilgrim and shared a taxi ride with her to St. Jean. Then we found a pension room, picked up our shells and a handout about the Route Napoleon, and went to bed. It had been a very long day.