Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Arriving in St Jean (French Atlantic Pyrennees region)

Hello, everyone.
We arrived in Biarritz and took a taxi to St. Jean. I was surprised at the number of tiny roads we passed over. The scenery was lovely, but the taxi was really moving so I didn't try to take pictures of the French villages we passed.
Today I will put up some more pictures, of the St. Jean Pied de Port village in France this time. St. Jean is at the foot of the pass through the Pyrennees. We stayed at a pension that night and left early the next morning, after a bowl of milky coffee and some bread and yogurt.

As you can see, the village is very pretty and picturesque. The Camino pilgrims seem to be a large part of the economy of the village, but it is also in a big ham producing area--Jamon de pays, I think they call it.
And this is the last day the Aggie bag was used, until we reached Santiago. In the interim the bag sat at the bottom of the pack, waiting until is would be needed to hold packages or cameras once again.
Tomorrow I will begin to put up pictures of our actual walk, beginning with the Route Napoleon.