Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Progress report: Porto Marin, Galicia, Espana

Hello, everyone!
Today we are in Porto Marin, less than 100 km. from Santiago. (I would shout yay! but it was a really really hard day today, very unexpectedly, and so I will save shouting for later.)
We slep in San Mamede, about 5 km. short of Sarria, last night, at a really lovely albergue called Paloma and (something) which was very clean, very friendly, and run by a brother and a sister. They have a large, soft lawn and plenty of lawn chairs to warm your tired, aching feet in the sun. Also, the lentil-vegetable soup they make is to die for!
Yesterday was a long day, because we walked from Hospital de la Condesa to Mamede, around 20 miles, and the day before was also long, because we walked from Perejes and climbed to O Cebreiro, a long, steep climb on dirt goat trails and rocks that was in 3 stages, before we came part of the way back down the mountain and stopped in Hospital. O Cebreiro had 2 souvenir stores, at least one restaurant, and a government albergue, plus a church that I forgot to go into. (Hey, after all that walking with a backpack, my brains fall out the back of my feet and get lost!)
Back to today: Porto Marin is on a river/lake which is very pretty, and gives the loveliest breeze while you are walking across it into the city.
This lovelieness followed a long slog of climbing up and down hills, often on goat tracks, sometimes on rocky meses, and a lot of the time on cow pats. (Come to think of it, cow pats have been the single commonest surface of the path since we entered the province of Galicia. Ugh.)
I don´t know if internet will be available tomorrow, but that´s the short scoop for the last three days.