Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Are Da Stuff!

Today we started out pretty-much on time. (yay!)
We took our packs and did 10 miles with them on. My sweetie said his feet were fine. My feet were fine. (Thank you HEB! I got the little silicon tube sleeve for a toe and it was tremendously helpful for that one toe.)
We started at 8:01 and finished the 10 at 11:20. That included a break at the halfway point—potty and water fountain and a brief sit at the entrance to Bentsen State Park.
If you go there, they really have it fixed up pretty, with a water garden and a gift shop and a café. And a restroom that, except for a few dead bugs that wandered in overnight, is clean and nice.
I wish they had a simple vending machine for small (8 ounce) waters. I don’t want a café at the midpoint of a 10 mile hike. I just want water. Or cold tomato juice. That would also be good.
When we got home, my sweetie made me a tall glass of tomato juice with ice in it. Heaven!
I had one new blister—the Body Glide ran out—but was otherwise pretty much OK. I did have the strap of the pack sitting on top of my bra strap on one side. This is a problem, and I don’t know what to do about it—where the two pressed on the collarbone it was painful. Paying attention to posture helped.
Tomorrow (Friday) we had been intending to do a 10 miles without the packs, but I committed to sub for a friend at 10 in the morning, so we will probably do a shortie (3 miles or so) and get on with the day.
But—hooray!—we walked for 10 miles with our packs and were mostly feeling fine at the end of it. We Are Da Stuff!