Saturday, May 10, 2014

The days are growing short

Final preparations have begun: packing the packs (one more time); counting socks and underwear; labelling the clothes.
I shortened my sweetie’s new pants—that was tricky. The pants had zippers at the hem, and they’re zip-offs. I cut the excess fabric out of the lower-leg pieces and adjusted the taper at seams, sewed the pieces together, and replaced topstitching that had been disturbed. It might have gone a little better if I had done it in two cuts, one above and one below the knee, but it will do. I did resist the urge to add extra (new) pockets made out of the removed fabric! Those bits of nylon poplin will have a use, I am sure. Maybe pouches for storage? We’ll see.
We are learning to use our new cameras (the old ones were pretty old, and besides the new cameras have much better optical zooming!) and have discovered that we need to add a small carry-on bag to the list—something that is soft, lightweight, and able to hold the cameras, cell phones, Kindle, boarding passes…the usual little things that can’t be checked. Plus some snacks!
It looks like the new bag will be a soft sided fabric affair, with strap handles. I’m going to use up some of my Texas A&M quilting fabric for this one. (Sorry, Tech, but I don’t have any Red Raider fabrics in the house! Maybe you should license some.) One of my children bleeds Maroon, anyway. ;-)
For now, since there are no bag pictures to show yet, I will put up one of the pictures from my new camera.
Oh, and for any readers from Mexico who are Mothers: ¡Feliz Día de Madres!
from my sweetie's new camera, a neighborhood flower (gaillardia, zoomed)

from my new camera, the little puppy--hanging out in the kitchen of course!