Monday, May 26, 2014

Progress report: Logrono

Hello again! We are in the great wine city of Logrono. (That is spelled with an enye but I can´t find it on the Spanish keyboard.)
We stayed two nights in Pamplona, to see the many, many sights, to get a new fleece shirt for me, and to rest me feet. Well, that last was "sort of rest" really, because I trekked all over this city in my thong shower shoes. Don´t do that, friends. Shower shoes with thongs are for showers. (Ouch.) Still the stay did my feet, damaged by the wet walking of the previous two days, some good, and we got some great bandaging from a Farmacia.
I believe I mentioned before that the Cathedral Museum of Pamplona is very good.
When we left Pamplona, we walked to Puente la Reina. We stayed there the night and I got to eat my first garlic soup. It was wonderful. (And hot soup really hits the spot, I wish more bars and restaurants were serving it!)
The next day, we walked mostly in sunshine and it was great. That was Estella. We did go to Saturday evening Mass, and the priest gave a beautiful pilgrim blessing to everyone that came. This was at the end of the regular Mass. The day was the great fiesta of their patron saint: La Virgen de Puy, and it was also the big soccer championship game on the TV. So none of farnacias were open, and most of the restaurants were booked up with soccer parties. :-( But we got to eat inside when the rain hit, and between rain showers we walked back to the albergue.
Toward the end of the day´s walk, rain broke out--heck, a thunderstorm broke out--and with hail to encourage us and a need to rest, we made it into Los Arcos. There we found a washing machine--yay--and a working clothes dryer--even better!--and then after clothes were clean we went out to a bar and had some great snacks and wine. Then we went downstairs and had the Pilgrim´s Menu. Which unfortunately had no soup in it. It did have spaghetti. So we had spaghetti, milanesa, and flan for dinner. And of course went to bed early. We had not found an open farmacia in Los Arcos and didn´t want to hang around until one would open.
This morning we looked at my feet and punted: there was a bus stop in Los Arcos, so we hopped the bus 15 miles down the road to Viana and got off. There we toured the church of Santa Maria, took pictures, bought a ton of bandages from the farmacia and drank some hot cafe leche. Then we walked the 11 km or so to Logrono. THE SUN WAS OUT!!! Ity was wonderful.
The city is lovely, there is a weir dam on the Rio Ebro and a stork nest on a tall pole nearby, they have a pilgrim/tourist information office at the beginning of the city, and we´re staying at the municipal albergue there.
We have encountered the Texas Aggies student group again! And there is a rent-a-computer in the albergue, too, so I was able to do an update on happenings before Burgos.
We definitely love our sunshine a lot more after the last week. (But the Irish and Germans and north-French hikers have been happy as clams.)
I will update in a few days when we get to somewhere with a computer I can will still wait until we can get home and work with them I think. We have both had to change out camera batteries now. We love the spare batteries.