Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh the many, many to-dos

This past weekend I got a (nagging) email from Ryanair: "someone in your party has not checked in online." They were right--I hadn't yet. I can't check in for our first flight until later this week. My plan was to do all the online check-ins and boarding pass printings at the same time. Apparently this waiting until not quite the end of the window was too much for their computer.
So I did the Ryanair online check in. Also I reviewed the cabin bag sizes and (for a change) converted the centimeters to inches. (Metric I think was the name of the site.) Oops. Those two cabin bags are basically a medium sized purse and a small purse. Better check sizes of things!

After I had selected fabrics to make a tote, we went to Wal-Mart with an extensive list of little things to buy: start-out shampoo, little deodorant, etc. We walked through the purses and totes while we were there and found a pretty green one, inexpensive, big for a purse but small-to-medium for pool or beach use. We got it with the plan to carry the cameras, cell phones, Kindle, and a few snacks in it. Also the boarding pass collection.

But I am reasonably sure that if I get the tape measure out the green beach bag will be pushing the limits. Drat. Back to sewing. (Well, since I did all that measuring and drafting and fabric-picking, why not? It will get some stash out of my sewing room.)

So the Aggie Bag is back on again.

With 2 strap handles, outside pocket (no closure or dividers--this will become significant later) and inside pocket, a biggish loop to attach things to inside and a small one outside, and boxed corners to give a little room for the stuff at the bottom. It will certainly fit under the seat in front of me--in fact that is the purpose of its size.

I don't have time to put a long post about it up today--must pick up youngest from college and bring her home for the summer--but I will put up a picture of the stash that I have on hand. (It's gotten worse since then!) So you can see why I am all excited about using up some of it!

And this isn't all of it!