Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Humid? Check. Hot weather? Check. Walk with pack? Let's do it.

Yesterday we walked 6 miles—down to the bridge and back—on the Hike and Bike Trail, wearing our packs.
It was very humid. We started late, too. Yet even in the 80 to 85 degrees (F) we kept up our usual pace. I have concluded that 3 miles an hour is our natural pace; we pretty much keep to it every time.
And at the end of our walk, when we got back home, my sweetie made me a glass of iced Campbell’s Tomato Juice. It was cool and salty and perfectly wonderful!

I think the swallows are really neat.
I was going to put up a picture from yesterday, of a javelina boar we saw at Santa Ana when we got there, but it came out too dark to show up. My old camera just wasn't up to the job of zooming in that far in the dim light. Maybe we will get lucky again sometime.